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With your Mob Museum Las Vegas tickets, enter the building which is a living example of some of the heinous crimes and horrors that US citizens had to go through once in the past. Although the criminals or victims might not be there, the stories are enough to create a shivering impact. Named the National museum of organised crime and law enforcement, the Mob museum was established on 14th February in the year 2012. It houses artefacts related to organised crime in the U.S over the past years, depicting stories and real-life incidents that are unheard of. The Mob Museum is guided by several core values such as bold thinking, commitment to community, taking responsibility, people driven and thriving. It aims towards educating the world and upcoming generations about the vicious crimes the US had to endure and the lifelong impact on its culture, mindset, and ethnicity.

How to Choose the Mob Museum Ticket?

While planning to visit the mob museum, you must book your tickets and consider the mob museum ticket prices beforehand. On the other hand you must also consider the time you want to spend with your ticket as there are several options available for you to choose from. If you want to save some time, then book The Mob Museum General Admission Ticket which will allow you to enter and explore the museum. If you can spare some more time and wish to explore further, you can choose to book the Las Vegas Combo Classic Ticket + Mob Museum ticket. It will allow you to visit and see some of the iconic landmarks and attractions of the city which will make your visit more worthwhile as you will enjoy cost savings on the combo tickets.

Why You Should Book Mob Museum Tickets Online?

Owing to this, the museum remains crowded throughout the year and often the tickets get sold out which is why it is recommended to book it at great Mob museum ticket prices. If you want to book Mob Museum discount tickets, then try booking it online with us and rest assured that you will enjoy great cost savings. We keep on offering great deals and discounts to our customers along with other facilities like cancellation, flexible and hassle free booking. Further, we have different packages like Mob Museum General Admission and Mob Museum General Admission with audio tours which will let you explore the world of crime in Las Vegas.

Best Deals for Mob Museum Tickets

Las Vegas Combo Classic Ticket + Mob Museum

This combo ticket offers you a one-day visit to the Mob museum in addition to a day of hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour from the open-top buses. The hop on hop off bus will allow you to witness the major attractions and landmarks of the city. Once you have the tickets of this old courthouse in Las Vegas in hand, you can take a closer view of American organized crime's dramatic history. The tour is of 2 hours, which is enough to cover most parts of the museum.

The Mob Museum Admission Ticket

This ticket to the Mob museum will give you an inside look at the characters and events of organised crime. People in the city and around the world travel to Las Vegas to visit the Mob museum, owing to the vast collection of crime history and true life stories it has stored. In the museum basement, you can also visit the distillery and speakeasy. With the mob museum las vegas tickets you can explore numerous exhibits and also learn about the lives of Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, J. Edgar Hoover and many other criminals. At the underground speakeasy, you can also enjoy Prohibition-inspired cocktails.

Things to See in the Mob Museum

The Massacre wall exhibit located on the third floor of the building will remind you of the 7 gang members who were shot dead against this wall. At Lincoln Park garage in Chicago on 14th February 1929, the gang members shot to death out in the open. Four unidentified assailants who were dressed as cops were the ones who hit the seven gang members. A businessman bought the brick of the wall, but later on, the Mob museum acquired it.

The Real Courthouse

In the 1950s, the violence of organised crime came out, and people in the society got to know more about the caustic influence. Leaders and influencers demanded legal action from the government, so Estes Kefauver started investigating and exposing organised crime. One of the hearings took place in the Mob museum, and since then, this MuseumMuseum has been restored. The Kefauver hearings established the thriving presence of a national crime syndicate and went on to expose lax enforcement laws.

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre wall

The Massacre wall exhibit located on the third floor of the building will remind you of the 7 gang members who were shot dead against this wall. At Lincoln Park garage in Chicago on 14th February 1929, the gang members shot to death out in the open. Four unidentified assailants who were dressed as cops were the ones who hit the seven gang members. A businessman bought the brick of the wall, but later on, the Mob museum acquired it.

Framed Gangsters in History

At the Mob museum, you can find an exhibit where almost 100 years of history of the gangsters are displayed. Every gangster has different backgrounds and stories, but the common thing amongst them has been that they were criminals. As a visitor, you will be able to see the history of the criminals or convicted, objects that belonged to them and much more. Some of the infamous gangsters are the Italian-Jewish mob, the Bonanno crime family, Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, Tony Spilotro and many others. This is a very popular area in the Mob museum as it lets the visitors witness the picture, guns, jewellery, and weapons of these gangsters.

Firearm Training Simulator

The Firearm training simulator on the 1st floor of the Mob museum can turn on the feeling of being a policeman. Here one can undergo the difficult training and exercises that the police and other security officers go through. At this place, people go through real and digital life role-playing scenarios , having a first-hand experience of what transpired years ago and how scared the victims were. In the orientation, many details are shared, like the speed and complexity in the live use of force scenarios.

Facts of Organised Crime in the U.S.

With your Mob Museum Las Vegas tickets, you can dig into the history and get closer to organised crime. In the Museum, the basement has exhibits named The Underground, where you can find a distillery and a speakeasy. On the 1st floor of the MuseumMuseum, you can find one of the most interesting exhibits, 100 Years of Made Men where you’ll see the pictures of the gangsters, their history, and much more. You can also find the objects used by these gangsters, such as jewellery, guns, and other weapons. On the 2nd floor of the MuseumMuseum, you can find the actual courthouse restored in the 1950s. Moving on to the 3rd floor of the Mob museum, you can see the evidence of massacres, Birth of the Mob exhibits about the Prohibition and much more.

Know Before you Book Mob Museum Tickets

What to See and Do?

• Book your tickets online to avoid the hassle of ticket booking after standing in the long queue for hours.

• Spend at least 3 hours so that you can explore the Mob museum in a better way.

• Book a mob museum neon museum combo ticket and enjoy cost saving as you explore multiple locations at minimum price.

  • Location: 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

  • Timings: Between 9 am to 9 pm everyday

  • How to Reach?

  1. Taxi: If your location is Downtown, you can use a Lyft or Uber drive to get to your desired location. It's easier to reach the Downtown loop from where you can choose any convenience as per your choice.
    1. RTC: Arrive from the Las Vegas Strip directly to The Mob Museum safely and in style on a RTC double-deck bus.

Book your mob museum las vegas tickets and indulge in various sights to see and things to do. At the Museum, you can see the historic courtroom, restored in 1950, the handcuffs used to arrest Tony Spilotro in 1983, Folies Bergere's costume at the mob-controlled Tropicana, Open City, and much more. If you need a boozy history lesson, visiting the Underground Speakeasy would be the best thing for you. Here you can enjoy prohibition-era cocktails and their moonshine-based cocktails. You can also visit the Crime lab, which will let you gain knowledge about fingerprint and DNA analysis, crime scene investigation and ballistics. Not only this, but in forensics, you can also try your own hands.

FAQ's of Mob Museum Tickets

How can we purchase tickets?

You can book Mob museum las vegas tickets online from us from the comfort of your home and enjoy cost savings and great customer service as well.

What is the Museum's admission price?

The tickets to the Mob museum costs around $20

How long will it take to tour the Museum?

To take a complete tour of the Mob museum, you need to spend approximately 3 hours.

Does The Mob Museum offer group pricing or special event options?

Depending on availability and deals, you might avail of several options at the Mob museum and book your mob museum cheap tickets to enjoy a high-class visit.

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