SlotZilla Zipline

Experience Ziplining in Slotzilla

The Slotzilla zip line is 77 feet tall and 850 feet long, beginning on the east side of the Fremont Street Experience. Riders of a zoom line that is 114 feet high are launched horizontally, like Superman, to speeds of more than 35 miles per hour, 1,700 feet, or the length of the Fremont Street canopy.

When facing SlotZilla, the retail store is to the right of the ride, where the experience starts. From there, you will exit the building and ascend some stairs to a loading area on the second floor. Your personal belongings are zipped into a bag that is conveniently fastened to your harness, and you are weighed before being put into a harness.

You will next ascend to the zip line platform in an open-air, cage-like elevator. There will undoubtedly be butterflies in your stomach as you see the pedestrians and Denny's below dwindle as you climb higher and higher.

From check-in to dismount, the entire process just takes 20 minutes. However, the way you view the Fremont Street Experience will never be the same.

Get the Best Deals on Slotzilla Zipline Tickets

This package is for you if you're a thrill seeker seeking for an exhilarating and adrenaline-filled journey. Skip the wait at SlotZilla Zip Line and fly through the 10 storeys while taking in the scenery from 114 feet above Las Vegas. Feel as if you could soar safely in the air.

One of the top things to do in Las Vegas is SlotZilla, an 11-story zip line attraction themed after slot machines, which is situated at Fremont Street Experience in the city's center. The lower "Zipline" and top "Zoomline" of the SlotZilla zip line are two different ways to fly. The Zipline costs $44 while the Zoomline costs $64.

  • Zip-ZillaPurchase tickets for an incredible zip lining experience at SlotZilla Zipline in Las Vegas and experience the thrill of flying from a seated position 7 stories up in the air.

    • Fly Superhero ZoomPurchase this ticket to experience superhero-style flying across five city blocks while zip line from the tenth floor above. At the moment of arrival, every foreign national must provide information on their passport and visa. Given that the activity has a time limit, timings must be adhered to rigorously. A responsible adult must be with children under the age of 16.

Why Should You Book Slotzilla Zipline Tickets From Us?

  • Book Your Tickets in Advance

Book well in advance. Waiting till a month prior should be plenty. You reserve online before visiting the office close to the starting site. Let them know you paid online and they will take you without you having to wait in line. Then you wait in line till your scheduled time.

  • Convenience/ Ease

Online ticket sales are available, the Ticket Office also sells tickets in person, however, the selection will be constrained by what is on hand.

  • Best Deals and discounts

Zoom it or Zip itThere are two choices on Slotzilla. There is an upper "Zoomline" and a lower "Zipline." The Zipline is 77 feet above the earth and costs $20. Riders can receive a $5 discount if they fly before 5 o'clock. Ten minutes prior to the scheduled boarding time, passengers should arrive.

Experiences at Slotzilla Zipline

Zip-Zilla (Zipline)

The lower zipline is about half the length of the Fremont Street Experience and allows riders to fly in a seated harness from 77 feet in the air, or about seven storeys up, for 850 feet. Between the Third Street Stage and the Casino Center, flyers are dropped. About 30 seconds pass during the voyage, the lower-priced zip line tickets cost just $29.

Superhero Zoom (Zoomline)

The upper Zoomline has a horizontal Superman flying posture that extends 1,700 feet, the length of the Fremont Street Experience, from 114 feet, or 11 storeys, up in the air. The Main Street Stage, which is next to the Golden Gate, Las Vegas's first casino, receives flyers. It takes roughly a minute to complete this ride. While Zoomline tickets cost $49.

Riders can receive a $5 discount if they fly before 5 o'clock. Ten minutes prior to the scheduled boarding time, passengers should arrive. If you want to modify your boarding time before it's too late, it will cost you $10.

Tips to Visit Slotzilla Zipline

  • Choose to Zip or Zoom Visitors fly seated on the Zipline, which travels halfway down Fremont Street and Zoomline travels way down to the Golden Gate casino

  • Booking in advance will help you prevent disappointment as flight times fill up rapidly.

  • Get your official SlotZilla wristband at the box office after buying your tickets.

  • Boarding windows are 20-minute windows.

  • Before you leave, be sure to receive your SlotZilla goodies.

  • For SlotZilla flights throughout the day, several casinos in downtown Las Vegas provide coupons for 25% off.

  • You'll be traveling down Fremont Street Experience with a convenient accessories bag.

  • Smile for the camera, On SlotZilla, everyone has their picture taken

Know Before You Go For Slotzilla Zipline

  • Location:The SlotZilla entrance is located at 425 Fremont Street, which is on Fremont Street between Fourth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. Riders wait in this line to start (425 E Fremont St #160, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA)

  • How to Reach:You can get to SlotZilla by Bus. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby -Bus: 106, 113, CX, DEUCE, DVX

  • Timings:On Friday and Saturday, both zip lines are open from noon to 2 a.m. and from noon to midnight on Sunday through Thursday.

  • Restrictions:Flyers must weigh at least 80 pounds to ride the Zoomline and at least 50 pounds to ride the lesser zip line. The combined weight limit for both rides is 300 pounds. On each line, riders must be taller than 6-foot-8. Flyers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a rider who is at least 16 years old, although they will ride alone and not in tandem.

FAQ's of Slotzilla ZipLine

How much does it cost to ride SlotZilla?

SlotZilla has two flying options: the higher Super-Hero Zoom and lower Zip-Zilla (Zipline) (Zoomline). The Zipline costs $44 while the Zoomline costs $64. There are two choices on Slotzilla. There is an upper "Zoomline" and a lower "Zipline." The Zipline is 77 feet above the earth and costs $20. Riders can receive a $5 discount if they fly before 5 o'clock.

What is the difference between the Zipline and the Zoomline?

Flyers go 850 feet down the Fremont Street Experience on the Zip-Zilla (Zipline), which is 77 feet high. Travelers can ride the Super-Hero Zoom (Zoomline) along the Fremont Street Experience canopy in "superhero-style" on the higher level (114 feet up) (1,700 feet).

Is the boarding time the time I will actually “fly”?

No, your queue will start when it is time for boarding. Prior to taking off, you will be weighed, tethered, and subjected to a number of safety tests.

How long from my boarding time will I actually fly?

Wait for up to 40 minutes in total. You must arrive at the designated location by the board time, after which you go up, get weighed, put on a harness, go through a safety checklist, etc. After that, you must queue once again.

Can I use my GoPro or smartphone during my flight?

No, you cannot bring cameras into the attraction. The harness deck has GoPro helmets that have received approval. Sign up for one and then decide if you want to buy the video at the end.

Are there lockers for personal items?

No, however, each passenger receives a sizable bag for items like purses, phones, and glasses. Your luggage travel with you and is fastened to your equipment. You will always have access to your belongings, which will also be there when you land.

Where do the SlotZilla zip lines start and where do they end?

The SlotZilla tower and ticket office are located just past the east end of the Viva Vision canopy (look for the enormous slot machine). The fliers either land between Fremont and Four Queens (Zip-Zilla) or fly all the way to the Golden Gate after taking off from the tower (Super-Hero Zoom).

How far will I go on my SlotZilla ride?

Under the new Viva Vision canopy, which extends 1,700 feet above the Fremont Street Experience, the upper Super-Hero Zoom (Zoomline) traverses the whole length of the attraction. You fly 850 feet in the lower Zip-Zilla (Zipline), which is half the length of the Fremont Street Experience.

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