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On this Las Vegas Bus Tours, spend the day exploring the notable attractions of the city. From the upper deck of the open-top bus, take in panoramic views of Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. At any point along the way, get off and continue exploring the city's attractions at your own pace. Las Vegas never sleeps as the people there are ever ready to party, be it the daytime pool parties in summer or the nightclubs and parties till dawn. If you wish to explore the city and get the true vibe of it, a tour around Las Vegas on a bus will be the best option without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can party on the bus and most of the night buses will give you the feeling of a nightclub on wheels as there will be a free flow of booze, neon lights, and loud music. Get ready to get stunning views of the Strip and the important landmarks while having fun on the bus and saving a lot of money. There are various types of bus tours that will offer you different experiences and show you various aspects of the city at the same time. Be it a Comedy bus tour or a Vegas Mob tour, you will surely feel entertained by your journey.

Hop-on-Hop-Off Big Bus Tour

Whether you are short on time or not, the Hop on Hop off Big Bus Tour of Las Vegas has to be one of the best ways to explore the city. This is one of the most popular Las Vegas Bus Tours as it makes sure to cover the major landmarks of the city. These are double-decker buses with open tops and you will get to witness stunning views of the city and the Strip and click pictures that you can cherish forever.

Comedy Bus Tour

One of the most fun Las Vegas Bus Tours is the Comedy Bus Tour which will just make your trip even better. It is one of the most beloved bus tours in Las Vegas as people often say that the tour is part trip and part stand-up comedy. You get a closer view of the famous Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon while driving along the Strip. You will get tears from laughing at the improv and impromptu jokes and will be indulged in conversations where you can be friends with your fellow passengers.

Pawn Stars VIP Bus Tour

Pawn Star is one of the most famous shows in the world that broadcasts on the History Channel. If you love the show then Pawn Stars VIP Bus Tour is one of the best Las Vegas Bus Tours for you. You will get to visit the world-famous and America’s largest Pawn Shop known as the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in America. You can avail yourself of the VIP tickets and get special treatments with a fully air-conditioned coach, reclining seats, and click a lot of pictures.

Vegas See The Lights Night Bus Tour

Las Vegas, as known to all, has crazy nightlife and the hardcore party animals unleash themselves during these hours. If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time and wish to witness the nightlife then Vegas See The Lights Night Bus Tour has to be one of the best Las Vegas Bus Tours for you. Get to witness the major landmarks like the casinos, pubs, the I LOVE LAS VEGAS sign, etc, of the city, where your tour will start at 8 pm and you will get to enjoy the crazy nightlife.

Day Party Bus

Be it the day or night, Las Vegas can throw a party that will force you to let your hair down. If you are a party animal and love socializing, Day Party Bus is one of the best Las Vegas bus Tours available. You will be taken on a guided bus tour and visit various venues hosting pool parties and there is no better way to enjoy Vegas in the summers. With free-flowing beer and other drinks, have conversations and make friends at the party, and have one of the best times of your life.

Night Party Bus Tour

If you want to experience “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” then you have to come out at night. The daytime pool parties are just starters while the real fun starts after the sun sets. If you are a party animal and are in Vegas to get the true feeling of it then the Night Party Bus Tour is one of the most viable Las Vegas bus Tours without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Hop from one party to another and take shots and margaritas while having fun conversations with your fellow party maniacs.

Vegas Mob Tour

The Sin City of the world is not just all parties and gambling, it is rich in history that justifies the name. Las Vegas was once upon a time home to some of the most dangerous and powerful gangsters and dons the world has ever seen. One of the Las Vegas Bus Tours that take you around the city to enlighten you with their stories is the Vegas Mob Tour. Get to visit the mob museum and get shocked at the gory details of the dark and wrecked past of the city.

Las Vegas Fun Bus Tour

The Las Vegas Fun Bus Tour is often described as a nightclub on the wheels where you will get unlimited booze flowing while partying on the bus in the open. The bus takes you around the Strip and you will get stunning views of the nightlife at the Strip. With stripper poles, neon lights, and loud music, your moving nightclub will make sure you have a fun time in the city while you pick even more people and become friends with them.

Hoover Dam Bus Tour

Hoover Dam is the most visited dam in the world welcoming more than 7 million tourists in a year. The 20th-century Civil Engineering marvel will take your breath away and make your heart beat even faster as you hear about its dangerous construction in the 1930s. Located at a distance of just 30 miles from Las Vegas, you have various options to visit the dam. But one of the best and economically feasible options would be one of the bus tours Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam Bus Tour will have a guide on board your bus who will enlighten you with all the information about the dam.

Grand Canyon Bus Tour

The Grand Canyon Bus Tour is considered to be one of the best bus tours Las Vegas for visiting the wonder. The Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world spread over an area of 277 miles. Everyone visiting the Grand Canyon is left awestruck as there are more than 18 ecosystems including forests, plateaus, buttes, etc., you will get the full experience of the natural terrain.

Routes for Las Vegas Bus Tour

Green Route Timetable
  • Attractions covered: the green route or the night bus tour covers all the major landmarks of the Strip and then takes you to Fremont Street so that you can watch the Light Show. The bus starts from LINQ Promenade and drops you off after the tour in the same place.

  • Timings: the bus starts at 19:00 hours every day from the LINQ Promenade.

  • Frequency: there is only one bus that operates every day at 19:00 hours.

  • Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours approximately

Red Route Timetable
  • Attractions covered: the red route covers all the important landmarks of Las Vegas Boulevard and Old Vegas that includes Bellagio Fountains, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, MGM Grand, Luxor Hotel, etc.

  • Timings: The first buses usually start at 10 am every day and the last bus leaves at 18:45. The timings of the buses vary from stop to stop so it is advised to check the timings from your drop off and pick up point.

  • Frequency: there is a bus every 40 minutes every day.

  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours approximately.

Advantages Of Choosing Las Vegas Bus Tour

  • Hop on hop offOne of the most important advantages of the Las Vegas Bus Tour is the hop-on and hop-off features. If you wish to spend more time at a particular destination then you can simply hop-on-hop-off tour bus and hop on to the next one to go to your next destination.

  • Free transportThe taxi and cab transportations is very expensive and the other public transports are not much of a relief either. So, if you wish to save a lot of money on transportation then bus tours in Las Vegas are one of the best options you can choose. You can cover all the major attractions without any hassle and worrying about changing the mode of transportation.

  • Engaging commentary and learningAll your bus tours will have an informed guide who will enlighten you about the city and its history. Your guide will also give you information about the places you will visit and you will get to hear the commentary in 12 different languages.

FAQ's of Las Vegas Bus Tours

How long is the Las Vegas bus tour?

There are different bus tour packages and the timing and duration of every Las Vegas tour by bus vary. Usually, the bus tours last for 1.5 to 3 hours, yet it is advised to check the duration of your chosen bus tour.

How much is the double-decker bus in Vegas?

The price of double-decker bus packages varies from package to package for a Las Vegas tour by bus but generally, the price starts from $50.

How long is the bus ride from the Las Vegas Strip to the Grand Canyon?

The bus ride from the Las Vegas Strip to the Grand Canyon approximately takes 2 to 2 and a half hours.

Are there buses that run the Las Vegas Strip?

There are many buses that run the Las Vegas Strip and cover almost all the important landmarks on the Strip, giving the passengers great views of the neon-lit city of Las Vegas.

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