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About Adventuredome

Adventuredome is an indoor theme park spread over an area of 5 acres and built in the style of a large dome. The park is functional year round and is unaffected by weather due to its pink tinted shield of dome. It has more than 25 neon inspired rides which makes the setting of different rides look more magical and attracts families and kids in large numbers. At the park you would be able to enjoy various kinds of rides varying from coaster rides, large rides, adventure premium rides and 4D FX theatre with Adventuredome tickets.

There are different rides in the kids and family section like B.C. Bus, Drifters, Frog Hopper and thunderbirds. You would find several adventurous attractions like Pirates Bounty which is a miniature golf course, perfect for young ones who are interested in learning a few tricks of the golf course. NebulaZ is another amazing ride which spins you through the air providing classic adrenaline rush in your body. The Canyon Blaster and El loco are the perfect roller coaster rides for thrill seekers, making them one of the most popular rides of this theme park. You will be riding at an electric speed with all your heart pumping out the adrenaline.

Book Adventuredome Tickets Online

You can acquire Adventuredome tickets in both online and offline format, but it’s advisable to book the tickets in online format. An advance booking in online format would help you avoid long queues and make your trip more convenient. There are different entry passes available for kids and adults, you can acquire discounts on the tickets as well. The park even has a special military discount available on Adventuredome tickets prices along with other group booking discounts and seasonal discounts. It must be noted that the transactions are non-refundable and that attractions might be closed without a notice.

Your Adventuredome Tickets Explained

  • Book Your Tickets in Advance- You might be required to make a booking in advance as the Adventuredome tickets sell out quickly. An advance booking would help you avoid any last minute inconvenience and you would be able to choose a slot of your choice.

  • Convenience/ Ease- An online advance booking would save you the tiredness of standing in long queues to acquire tickets from the ticket counter. With online booking not only you can book tickets at your convenience but also save time to explore more inside the park instead of wasting time in long queues.

  • Best Deals and discounts- With online booking you also get to enjoy discounts that might make your trip more affordable. There are various combo deals that come with online booking, which helps you explore more at affordable prices. Enjoy all the variants of tickets and choose the best out of the lot.

Experiences at Adventuredome Indoor Theme Park

Enjoy the Midway Games

Enjoy a range of midway games like classic arcade games, state-of-the-art video games and carnival midway. These games are designed for kids and adults alike which will get you plenty of entertainment. More than 200 classic popular games have been selected at the circus stage of the Midway Games.

Have fun at Free Clown Shows

The clown shows arranged at Adventuredome would take you through various engaging performances and games like at Circus Carousel. At the Circus Carousel you may meet the animal of your choice, while adults and children can play different games like darts Circus Circus Midway games, mini basketball, balloon bust and many more such interesting games and win prizes.

Enjoy various Classic Featured Attractions

A range of classic attractions like Bank Heist Laser Challenge, Xstreme Zone, Pirates Bounty, Arcade, etc., awaits you at Adventuredome. You will have access to all these classic rides with your Adventuredome discount tickets, and would enjoy solving puzzles in a fun manner on these classic attractions. At Bank Heist Laser Challenge all that is required is to race through a web of lasers and crack the code and later on navigate around without touching the laser beams which have filled the room.

Feel the thrill at the Canyon Blasters

Utilise your Adventuredome tickets to see thrill and seek an adventurous experience at Canyon Blaster and El Loco. The thrilling roller coaster at the park is installed at a height of 90 feet and runs at an electric speed. The one of its kind indoor roller coaster is a double loop and double-corkscrew coaster which will leave you gasping for air when it runs at a higher speed. The twists and turns would increase at the El Loco ride which will add more thrill with its 90 feet high ride.

Enjoy various Premium Rides

A range of premium rides awaits you to be explored and experienced at Adventuredome. All these premium rides are perfect for a weekend for kids and adults alike. Enjoy Disk’O which is a very large boat that runs at a breathtaking spinning motion and at the inventer you would turn upright on its 360 degrees counter-rotation ride. With your Adventuredome tickets you would also have an access to Sling Shot that would shoot you and down, Chaos is an ultra thrill ride whirling you in every direction and the Laser Blast will set you in an action-packed laser Tag Arena.

Enjoy FX Theater 4D Features

The Ice Age 4D and SpongeBob SquarePants 4D are the most wonderful rides at Adventuredome. In Ice Age you would join Scrat in his adventures, you would travel through time in his time machine. You would access various rides during the adventure and enjoy the story of Scrat in 4D Features. You access your Adventuredome discount tickets to visit SpongeBob SquarePants where you would enter the ocean and get in an adventure of rescuing the Jellyfish.

Have fun at Family Rides

Take these easy rides which are suitable for family and kids, the Adventuredome discount tickets would allow admission at B.C. Bus, Drifters, Circus Carousel and RoadRunner. Hop in the bus to take a tour of the Kiddie Town, take a ride in the balloon Ferris Wheel at Drifters and at the Go-Round arranged at the Circus Carousel you would’ve the opportunity to meet any animal of your choice. If you have an affinity for adventures, you would surely love to go around the Himalayas. At Road Runner you would sit in rides that would take you through the friendly slopes of the Himalayas.

Enjoy Junior Rides with Your Kids

The kids would have fun at numerous junior rides of Frog Hopper, Thunderbirds, Twistin Tea Cups, Kiddie Swings and Mini Go Karts. At the FrogHopper they would leap for joy and fun as they go up and down while at thunderbirds they will go for an aeroplane ride but with a twist. You can take your kids to Adventure Neon Lights with Adventuredome discount tickets where they can indulge in various amazing rides and attractions.

Enjoy At Splash Zone pools

The Adventuredome tickets are multipurpose tickets which also allow admission inside the waterpark. There are adventurous rides like a 50 foot slide tower and Splash Pad installed. At the slide tower you would find mat racer, aqua tube and speed slide which are upto 42 and 48 inches higher in height. You would enjoy water cannon, spill buckets and dancing rain trees at Splash pad, the other activities that you must try at the zone are aqua tube and speed slide.

Know Before You Go to Adventuredome

How to Reach
  • Location- 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

  • Timings- The park opens at 10 AM, everyday while the closing down of the park might vary between 6 PM and 9 PM in the evening.

  • Accessibilities- The theme park welcomes guests of all abilities in its premises. It maintains the accessibility standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

  • By Bus- The nearest bus stations to the Adventuredome theme park are Sb Sammy Dav Jr After Circ Circ Dr and Nb Las Vegas at Circus CIrcus. The park is about 5-6 minutes walk away from the stations. You would catch a bus to the park on line no. 119.

  • By Monorail- You would have to stop at the Las Vegas Convention Centre Station and catch a monorail on the line LVN to reach the indoor theme park.

  • All foreign internationals must carry a photocopy of visa and passport for identification purposes.

  • Those who are afraid of heights, motion sickness, have back and heart problems should consult their doctors before taking the ride.

  • The minimum age to participate in the activities is 4+ years and participants who are aged above have to buy an adult ticket.

  • The closing time of the park varies, therefore it’s advisable to confirm the closing and opening times of the park before making your way there.

FAQ's of Adventuredome Tickets

How much does it cost to book Adventuredome tickets?

The Adventuredome tickets prices cost about $30 for junior passes while $60 for regular wristbands. The vouchers are valid for 45 days after the purchase and for a single use.

What are the famous rides to enjoy at Adventuredome Indoor Theme Park ?

The most famous rides of the Adventuredome indoor theme park are NebulaZ which spins you on a large tower, Canyon Cars and sand pirates which will hang you in a heart pounding swoop. The other thrill seeking rides that adult visitors would like to try are Canyon Blaster and El loco which are indoor roller coasters.

How to book Adventuredome Indoor Theme park tickets online ?

You can book the theme park tickets online via the official site of Adventuredome or through other travelling sites. You can book the tickets more conveniently online as well as you would enjoy a good Adventuredome tickets discount which will help make your trip more affordable.

Which are the best deals and discounts you can get by booking Adventuredome tickets online ?

The guests of Circus-Circus hotel enjoy an extra Adventuredome tickets discount. You can also choose from different rides like bungee jumping, rock climbing, laser tag, maze and classic arcade. You can buy tickets to these rides individually as these aren’t covered in the all day pass. It would help you save money as well as enjoy unlimited access to these rides.

What is the best time to visit Adventuredome Indoor Theme ?

The best time to visit Adventuredome Indoor Theme park is during the early morning hours when the park is less crowded as it would help you enjoy the rides without any inconvenience. But if you wish to enjoy the liveliness of the park then you must visit it in the evening hours when it attracts a large crowd. Even though it might get slightly inconvenient, the beauty of the park would make the trouble worth it.

What are the best things to keep in mind while visiting Adventuredome Indoor Theme ?

  • All foreign internationals must carry a photocopy of visa and passport for identification purposes.

  • Those who are afraid of heights, motion sickness, have back and heart problems should consult their doctors before taking the ride.

  • The minimum age to participate in the activities is 4+ years and participants who are aged above have to buy an adult ticket.

  • The closing time of the park varies, therefore it’s advisable to confirm the closing and opening times of the park before making your way there.

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