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Vegas is all about its nightlife, yet Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets offer an exceptionally artistic experience that would blow your mind and completely change all your perceptions about America’s iconic city. Located in Area 15, the stunning entertainment district on the Las Vegas Strip, Meow Wolf is a mind-blowing interactive art installation that promises to make you question your sense of time and space.

Known as the Omega Mart, Meow Wolf’s Vegas offshoot recreates the friendly neighbourhood supermarket and adds an interdimensional glitch to the grocery shopping experience. The 52,000-square-foot installation houses work created by local and global artists and narrate surrealist, immersive stories. From mind-boggling products, optical illusions, trippy landscapes, alien and freezer portals to tattooed chicken, surprising brain teasers have been hidden at every unexpected turn, creating an experience that mimics the sci-fi horrors of the 80s. As the unpredictability keeps you on your toes, join forces with other equally horrified guests to solve the numerous puzzles woven into the stories of Omega Mart.

Meow Wolf in Las Vegas tickets guarantee an adventure suitable for all age groups, with everyone figuring out a different reason to enjoy the intriguing exhibit, although younger guests and those with sensory sensitivity might feel overwhelmed. And if you feel frazzled with all the nerve-wracking puzzles, head to the Omega Mart bar to relax with snacks and drinks with your family and friends.

Get the Best Deals on Meow Wolf Las Vegas Tickets

Renowned as one of the most innovative grocery stores in America, purchase Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets online to witness a unique interdimensional art experience. As you head to Area 15 and visit its most popular adventure, prepare to see your humble neighbourhood grocery store in a never-seen-before avatar. Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart is an interactive art installation that hides away works created by local and international artists and narrates surreal yet immersive stories through them. Solve brain-teasing puzzles with your friends and family as you face mind-blowing trippy landscapes, optical illusions, alien portals and much more in this ‘galactic’ adventure.

Booking your Meow Wolf in Las Vegas tickets online in advance is the best way to enjoy this entertaining art adventure with your loved ones. Get exclusive Meow Wolf Las Vegas discount tickets and the best deals on your bookings that promise a unique shop-and-play affair filled with undiscovered secrets inspired by 80s sci-fi horror movies.

Why Should You Book Meow Wolf Las Vegas Tickets From Us?

Purchasing Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets online is the ultimate way of reserving your place at this mind-bending indoor Vegas adventure. While booking your tickets online is recommended so your entry to Meow Wolf is guaranteed, there are quite a few advantages of online booking.

  • Book your tickets in advance

As you plan your Vegas itinerary, book your Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets simultaneously. This would help soothe your anxieties about last-minute hassles and help you figure out the best methods of ticket booking early. Guarantee your space on your chosen day at Meow Wolf Vegas by booking your tickets in advance.

  • Convenience/EaseThe most important reason for the popularity of online bookings is the ease with which one can purchase tickets from anywhere in the world at any time from the comfort of their home. Save yourself from the hassles of waiting in queues and running around for tickets by booking them online.

  • Best deals and discountsMeow Wolf Las Vegas discount tickets and the best deals are guaranteed when you book your Meow Wolf experience online in advance.

Your Meow Wolf Las Vegas Tickets Explained

Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets offer a thrilling adventure that can be enjoyed by visitors from all age groups. As you head to the artistic entertainment land of Area 15, descend at Omega Mart, which would seem like a grocery store from the outside yet is a hidden world of delights. An interactive art installation, Meow Wolf Vegas brings together artworks created by local and international artists that transport you to an interdimensional world.Wrack your brains as you solve puzzling exhibits and experience a world filled with optical illusions, alien and freezer portals, trippy landscapes and a lot more at Omega Mart.

The intriguing story narration will keep you and your loved ones hooked as you play around and ‘shop’ at the mart. While people of all ages are welcome, younger visitors and those with sensory sensitivity might feel overwhelmed by the exhibits, hence visitors less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by adult supervisors. Some slides on offer with Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets have height restrictions, and visitors must be at least 48 inches tall and wear non-slippery clothes and covered shoes to be permitted on the rides. The tickets are valid for one day and are considered non-peak tickets if bought for weekdays and peak tickets if they are for weekends.

Why Should You Book Meow Wolf Las Vegas Tickets From Us?

How to Reach & Location
Prohibited Items
  • LocationMeow Wolf Las Vegas is located at Area 15, 3215 South Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

  • TimingsMeow Wolf Las Vegas tickets can be used on all days of the week from 10 AM to 12 AM

  • Meow Wolf Las Vegas is situated a few minutes away from the Strip and offers free parking facilities to visitors. Visitors can hire taxis or rideshares directly from any resort, hotel, or casino in Las Vegas.

  • By Car: Meow Wolf Vegas is 5.4 miles from the city centre and can be reached in less than 10 minutes.

  • By Bus: Take the SX bus and hop off at WB Sahara Before Paseo Del Prado. You can reach Meow Wolf, which is a little more than a mile away, by cab.

  • By LRT: The nearest station is the Aria Express-Park MGM, from where you can take a cab and reach in 10 minutes.

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Harry Reid International Airport from where you can take a cab and reach in approximately 10 minutes.

  • Weapons of any kind, ranging from firearms and knives to pepper spray and spiked jewellery

  • Outside food, beverages and alcohol

  • Vape pens, electronic cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, or pipesIllegal and hard drugs

  • Live animals that are not service animals

    • Markers, stickers, spray paint
    • Strollers, backpacks, and large bags or packages
  • Skateboards or Heelys shoes

    • Camera accessories, professional camera equipment, GoPros, professional-grade photography equipment
    • Selfie sticks
    • Drones, laptops, computers, tablets
  • Costumes with masks that hide your entire face

Meow Wolf in Las Vegas tickets allow you access to thirty designated parking slots accessible for visitors with disabilities with valid parking permits in the Area 15 parking lot. For seating and other assistance during your wait at the check-in counter, you can ask anyone with a staff badge to help you reach the Manager on Duty when you arrive. Meow Wolf Las Vegas does not provide wheelchairs on request, but seating facilities are available throughout the premises.

FAQ's of Meow Wolf Las Vegas Tickets

How much does it cost to go to Meow Wolf in Las Vegas?

Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets are priced differently for children and adults and cost around $50. Visitors can avail of great discounts by booking the tickets online in advance, and you can also save a few bucks by visiting on non-peak weekdays instead of the weekends.

How long does it take to go through Meow Wolf Vegas?

There are no time limits to experiencing everything at Meow Wolf Las Vegas. Still, it is recommended that you keep at least two hours for the adventure in your day’s itinerary as most visitors require that much time to experience all the exhibits fully.

Is Area 15 and Meow Wolf the same thing?

No, Area 15 and Meow Wolf are separate concepts that are interconnected. Area 15 is a renowned entertainment district on the Las Vegas Strip that houses numerous unique experiences, one of which is Meow Wolf Omega Mart. While Meow Wolf is the largest and most prestigious entity in Area 15, they are both entirely different from each other.

Can you bring backpacks into Meow Wolf?

No, bringing backpacks, purses or bags larger than 8”x8” inside Meow Wolf Las Vegas is not permitted. However, if you absolutely need to bring along a backpack, you can keep it at the storage facility included in your Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets.

What should I wear to Meow Wolf?

While it is recommended that you wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes as the space is massive and you would have to walk around a lot, Meow Wolf welcomes visitors to dress up in style. The only restriction is on wearing pasties or thongs as your complete attire.

Should I book Meow Wolf Las Vegas tickets in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you book your Meow Wolf tickets in advance. Pre-booking ensures that the experience is available for you on the date you have planned it for, and also allows you to get Meow Wolf Las Vegas discount tickets and exclusive deals that save time and money.

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