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Las Vegas is known for its glamorous neon lights which are known to change every season. One of the most popular museums in Las Vegas, the Neon Museum was founded in 1996 with a motive to collect, preserve, study and exhibit these historic neon signs of Las vegas. These signs are further used for educational, historic, arts and cultural enrichment of the city.

The Neon Museum tickets give you access to explore the Boneyard which has over 150 signs. You can also look at the fiberglass sculptures like the Giant skull from the treasure island. Go on a guided professional tour where you will get a guided tour through the gorgeous technological masterpieces and the main boneyard. You can also learn some interesting facts about the history of these signs which are displayed here. Visitors can also indulge in popular photography tours as well on additional charges if they love to click pictures.

Buying Neon Museum Tickets Online

Head over to one of the coolest museums in Las Vegas and explore over 200 historic neon signs near the main boneyard at night when the neon signs are lit up. Take amazing pictures and learn fascinating facts about the neon signs as you explore the North gallery with your Neon Museum tickets. Book your museum tickets with us and enjoy cost savings as we keep offering great deals and offers to our customers. You can also choose from available combo tickets and book the Neon Museum Las Vegas tickets online to have a hassle-free experience.

Best Deals for Neon Museum Tickets

Neon Night Flight Spectacular Tickets

One of the most popular Neon Museum Las Vegas tickets is the Neon Night Flight Spectacular with which you can enjoy a guided tour of the Neon Boneyard by helicopter flight. Go on this unforgettable experience and explore the history and iconic neon lights from 250 vintage Vegas signs. This 45-minute ride will take you above some popular attractions like the Fountains of Bellagio, Eiffel Tower Las Vegas, and the Allegiant Stadium among many others. After the tour, you can visit the museum’s North Gallery and enjoy the 360-degree audiovisual show- the Brilliant! Jackpot, which reilluminates unrestored signs.

Architecture Tour at the Neon Boneyard

The Neon Museum tickets include a special tour at the "Golden hour" that is 7:00 PM. The tour is known to provide architecturally specific insights of the neon sights at the museum. The guide will help you learn the history of the signs and the iconic places where the signs were displayed. After the tour, you can head over to the north gallery to enjoy the 60-degree audiovisual spectacular, Brilliant! Jackpot. This is an augmented reality experience where you can learn more about the history of Las Vegas and look at the beautiful reilluminated unrestored signs.

Advantages Of Booking Neon Museum Tickets From Us

  • Advance Ticket BookingOne of the best ways to enjoy your trip hassle free is to book the Museum of Neon art tickets online on your chosen date. As this museum is one of the most popular attractions, tickets get sold out very fast, which is why it is highly recommended to book tickets online from us.

  • Ease to BookThe best part of enjoying your trip without any last-minute rush is to book the tickets online at the convenience of your home. With our seamless booking facility and great customer support, we have made the process of booking tickets very easy.

  • Enjoy Cost SavingsGet a chance to book the Neon Museum discount tickets online well in advance and enjoy cost savings with various coupons and offers. You can get the best deals and discounts based on the combos and tickets you have opted for.

Collections in Neon Museum

The Neon museum is one of the most unique and popular attractions in Las Vegas where you can observe many collections of neon signs dating back to the 1960s. There are many sections in the museum where you can see both restored and unrestored signs and learn the evolution of design and technology from the year 1930.

Visitors’ Center

You can explore the Visitors’ Center which is a beautiful shell-shaped building designed by famous architect Paul Revere Williams with your Neon Museum tickets.The building is a perfect example of mid-century modern design which was built in 1691 at the Las Vegas Boulevard South. The building was later demolished in 2005 and was moved in 2006 to the Museum’s Visitors’ Center. You can observe the intricate design of interiors with elements such as the mosaic lobby sign and section of the main roadside sign which were restored from the original lobby before the demolition.

Neon Boneyard

The Neon Boneyard is known to have over 250 unrestored signs and many other restored signs which are illuminated at sunset with ground lighting. If you choose to visit Neon Boneyard with a professional guide, you will get to know fascinating stories about the people who created the signs and the inspiration. You can learn when the sign was made, where it was displayed and its role in Las Vegas's distinctive history. You can also witness the process of sign design and technology from the year 1930 until the present day. The museum also has many projects that involve public outreach, research, and educating people on the history of Las vegas.

North Gallery

Located adjacent to the museum, the North Gallery is one of the popular attractions at the Museum of Neon. You can witness many unrestored signs from the collection which are illuminated at night. After your tour, you can enjoy the most amazing sight and a sound program called Brilliant! Jackpot. This program is augmented reality where you can learn the history of vegas when the signs come to life. You can also book the North Gallery for weddings, parties, and any special event.

Public Art

The Neon Museum tickets will let you look at many restored signs which can be viewed as public art on a self-guided tour. You can get a chance to look at the first sign installation when the museum was officially opened in 1996. The first refurbished sign was the Hacienda Horse and Rider which is located at the intersection of Boulevard and Fremont street. There are eight other restored signs on display such as the Silver Slipper, the Bow & Arrow Motel, Society Cleaners, the Lucky Cuss Motel, and the Normandie Motel.

Know Before You Book Neon Museum Tickets

Essential Information
  • Timings:9 a.m. to 10 p.m: between Monday to Wednesday9 a.m. to 11 p.m.: between Thursday to Sunday

  • Best time to visit The best time to visit the museum is during the late evening as you can beat the heat and enjoy looking at the illuminated neon signs. This is also one of the best times to take cool pictures with the neon signs.

  • Location:770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

  • How to reach:By Car: You can drive from route Las Vegas Blvd N from the city center, it will take approximately 2 minutes to reach the location.By RTC: You can take the RTC from SB Las Vegas after Mesquite at 113 N. Las Vegas Blvd Northbound, alight at NB Las Vegas after Bonanza. Once you get down, the destination is a 3 minute walk away.

  • One of the best ways to explore the museum is to book the discounted Neon Museum tickets online as they sell out very fast.
  • Go on a guided tour to learn more about the history of the neon signs which are displayed.

  • Visit the Neon Museum after sunset if you want to witness the beautiful signs illuminated with lights.

  • Neon Museum las vegas tickets do not allow videography, make sure to only capture photos.

  • If you are visiting the museum in the afternoon, you can borrow an umbrella from the museum to beat the heat.

  • Visit the north gallery after your tour and witness an augmented reality show where you can learn more about the history of Las vegas.

  • The Neon Boneyard is outdoor so depending on the weather you are visiting, you can plan your attire. You are just not allowed to wear togs/bathing suits. Also, it is recommended to carry a hat with you if you are visiting the place in the afternoon.

FAQs of Neon Museum

When Should you Visit the Neon Museum?

The best time to visit the Neon Museum is during dusk when all the neon signs are illuminated after sunset. You can witness all the fancy colors and glowing vintage signboards and take multiple cool pictures with them.

How much does it cost to book Neon Museum tickets online?

The Neon Museum tickets cost around $18 for adults, $9 for kids, and $14 for Seniors citizens. When you book online from us, you can get the Neon Museum discount tickets and enjoy cost savings with various deals that we offer to our customers.

What time is The Neon Museum open?

The Neon Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m: from Monday to Wednesday and9 a.m. to 11 p.m.: between Thursday and Sunday.

Where is the Neon Museum located?

The Neon Museum is located at 770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

How long does it take to go through the Neon Museum?

The average time taken to cover the tour with the museum of neon art tickets is around one hour.

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